Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego?

   Went to see The Avengers last night it was Awesome! I mean come on super heroes unite! It was action packed 3D (which usually bothers me quite a bit but didn't with this movie... still baffled about that) and, I couldn't believe it, but some substantial humor! Hulk had to be my favorite, funny guy he was. And this redheaded chick, Romanoff, I couldn't figure out who she was at first... I thought maybe Cat Woman? Or Carmen San Diego?! I mean she does have red hair, right?? lol ( people always sing me the theme song because my middle name is Carmen and for some odd reason people just can't resist the temptation. haha :) But, no, it was Black Widow saved by the beloved Captain America! I liked her moves, though, and the actress Scarlett Johansson. Loved all the actors/superheroes, really. I thought they did a solid job with this one. I'll definitely watch it again when it comes out on DVD, no doubt. For those of you who stayed a moment after the credits you may have seen the two minute clip at the end looks like there might be a second one. Who am I kidding?? With how well The Avengers did on opening weekend there's no way they won't make a second one. Oh, and how about The Hunger Games?! Wow, 4 weeks number one... last movie that did that was Avatar.  I mean, it was a good movie, loved their semi to unknown characters. Jennifer Lawrence (aka Katniss Everdeen) did an outstanding job, in my opinion. My only complaint with The Hunger Games is maybe it was just a little hard to follow in the beginning if you hadn't read the book (which I highly suggest everyone should do... amazing, just amazing). I would have liked it much better, I believe, if Katniss also narrated the entire movie as she did in the book. Overall I'd have to say I was really happy with the end result definitely excited to see the 2nd one!  

   In other news, I'm almost finished with a very special drawing for my little girl. I'm hoping towards the end of  summer it will become a tattoo. This will be my second tattoo my first is a symbol (means friendship) but this one will be much, much bigger. Let me take a snap shot of it so you can see...  

The tattoo will be in mostly black and white except the eyes
 will be blue(my little girls eyes are blue)  then the flowers and vines will be in color as well.  

 I still have shading to do, as well as adding a few last details a leaf here a flower there maybe a tiny butterfly but mostly I'm finished. I've been drawing and contemplating the idea of a big tattoo for a very long time and now I've finally committed. Super excited to see this tattoo come to life. My little girl absolutely loves horses.  No matter what, if we're wishing on a star, a fountain, or birthday candles her wish is always the same. She wishes to have her very own baby horse! I get it, I really do, they're so beautiful, strong, and majestic not to mention the fact that you can ride on them! So this will be a tattoo for her until that day comes when I get her that horse. lol  

   Decorated this here cake today thought it turned out pretty good. I do realize now that the starfish was just a tad bigger than the towel and flip flops. haha! I still really like it I think it turned out very cute... you live and you learn, right!? You see, I have no one teaching me, nor any kind of cake decorating books, and not even all the tools or space I really need for cake decorating, so everything I do is all Me. My ideas, hand drawn, my colors, icing, cake and all. Most people that come in over here on the island have no idea how they want it decorated and since I have no books or pictures for them to look at they just tell me their theme or what they like and after that I usually have free reign for how its decorated. So far, though, everyones really loved and enjoyed my cakes :) (fingers crossed.)

    Now to end this here post on a tasteful note, dinner I just devoured. Seasoned steak with an herbed Boursin cheese topping, garlic and herb pasta, and to top it off lemon garlic baked broccoli and mushrooms topped with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. Yummy. 

Always remember, don't be pushed by your problems but led by your dreams,  




logankstewart said...

Yeah, not sure why this is just now showing up in my Google Reader, apparently 11 days later... Anyway, glad you enjoyed The Avengers. I didn't watch the 3d version. I don't like that stuff.

Once again your food looks delicious. Mmm.

David Wagner said...

Still haven't seen The Avengers... I may be the only person in the world! Nice drawing - it'll make a nice tat, I agree...

kristacole said...

Yeah Logan I usually hate watching 3d it drives me crazy and I don't understand why every movie now has to be in 3d!!!

David thank you I'm excited about this tattoo! ill post the finished picture soon in my next post! :-)