Thursday, May 31, 2012


So, I finally got me some art supplies and prismacolors... expensive little buggers! I know they're awesome colored pencils, but to get 72 at an art store is like robbery! Thank goodness for amazon! Anyway, I got them last Saturday and have yet to brake them in. I could say I've been busy, which I have, but there have been moments when I've wanted to draw and color with them but just haven't. It's not that I don't want to. I guess, its just the fear of not being very good at it. I've always just been a sketcher mediocre, at best, but over the past year, I believe, I've gotten way better. I don't know, I was barely drawing anything. I would pretty much just doodle outlines, really, scared to finish it thinking I might mess up and ruin the whole thing. Lame, I know, but thats just the way I am at times.

Finished piece for my tattoo decided on a humming
bird instead of a butterfly because they're
just so fantasy like with how fast and
beautiful they are.
One day, though, I started to draw a horse for my daughter, her favorite animal. Well, as I was shading, the horse started coming to life, more real looking with every muscle I shaded. Yes, I startle myself with every drawing I do, every idea I come up with, and every time they turn out good.  As amazed as I was, when I finished the horse I was still afraid to go forward with the overall picture. I knew what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go with it, but I was too afraid of making, one of the best drawings I've ever done, into a total disaster. So I spent, I don't know, probably a year, maybe a little less, of not touching the picture, admiring the fact that I could draw(and shade) so well when I hardly have time to practice, and boy, all the neglect I've shown my art over these many years. A day came when I decided that if I could draw such a beautiful horse, and wanted so bad to finish my idea instead of always just "talking/thinking" about it finally convincing myself that it will be so awesome when I do finish a drawing, and so good, too. When I did pick up my picture again it definitely surprised me, after a year of not drawing,  how easy it was to turn outlines into a masterpiece while shading. How good could I be if I just drew more, I ask myself? So over the past 2 months I've drawn quite a bit. I have some solid foundations of black and white pictures.

One day I even decided to pick up some regular map pencils and try my had with color and  surprised myself again at how easy it was to draw with them. Its not so easy that I can sit down and in 30 minutes have a full picture done but after a couple hours I have a pretty good foundation and a solid picture I could potentially add to if I wanted. Soon I tell you, I will pick up these prismacolors and figure out whether I can figure them out or not! lol  I'm definitely excited!  The anticipation of seeing if I can pull off a sweet piece is getting me more and more antsy my fingers are twitching and soon I will have my colored pencil trance. :)

Well guys I'm off but I'll leave you with a few closing pictures :)

making Homemade pizza with my little one...
doesn't get any better than that!

someone really loves Aerosmith! lol
turned out pretty cool, I say!

And this guy here I seen over on the island where I work! We had to try and
 slide by this guy with on a golf cart at 630 in the am!
luckily he was just a little guy!

 I'm out!
 yours truly, Krista.


The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

That turtle looks awesome Krista. You're going to love the Prismacolors. Can't wait to see more of your creations.

logankstewart said...

Agreed, that turtle does look awesome. Prismacolors are awesome. Good luck!